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Your expedition vehicle from 4wheel24:
Ready for all climate zones and conditions

Design every step yourself and buy your personal expedition vehicle from us

Preparation and revision:

The fresh cell treatment for your basic vehicle

A used basic vehicle is given a new lease of life in our halls. We start with a thorough refresh: old parts are removed, operating fluids are renewed and the brake system is given a second chance through regeneration. The fuel injection system? We are completely overhauling this. On the outside, we give the cab a fresh coat of RAL paint, while inside everything shines in a chic, deep black. With our special engine optimizations, your vehicle will not only run more smoothly and powerfully, but also more economically. Quality and efficiency are our promise to you!

Intermediate frame

The power in the middle with our Heavy Duty intermediate frame

Our Heavy Duty intermediate frame is the invisible backbone that stabilizes and protects your expedition vehicle. It absorbs the torsional forces that inevitably occur when driving on challenging terrain and ensures that the box sits firmly and securely on the truck frame. But it offers more than just stability: thanks to its clever design, it decouples the box from the vehicle chassis during diagonal twists to ensure maximum ride comfort. And don’t worry, we know what we’re talking about: our intermediate frame has been tested under extreme conditions and is the result of years of experience.

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Roof rack

Our Heavy Duty roof rack is tough

Our Heavy Duty roof rack from 4wheel24 is your ultimate companion for the safe transportation of heavy loads. One of the special extras is the additional space above the cab, which serves perfectly as a tropical roof on hot days. And the best part? You even have the choice between an LED light bar or four LED headlights for the best visibility at night.


Turn your vehicle into a work of art

As soon as we have brought your basic vehicle up to scratch, things get really exciting. Now comes the moment when you can give your expedition vehicle a very personal touch. We offer a wide range of first-class accessories to make your vehicle exactly how you want it. We attach great importance to the fact that our products are developed and designed in-house with attention to detail.

Tires and rims

The magic behind every roll

Standard tires are often just a tired compromise for your expeditions in demanding terrain. We know that the tires are the crucial link between your expedition vehicle and the unforgiving wilderness. Which “shoes” fit your vehicle? It’s all about the right weight class, the right application goals and your own personal ideas. We are talking about rims with or without snap rings, with different perforations – be it 6-speed, 8-speed or 10-speed. If additional ground clearance or larger tires are required, we raise the chassis.


the first impression counts

In our passion for innovation, we have developed a revolutionary painting process that goes by the trademarked name GlasuProtect. You can choose from four different texture levels to customize the finish exactly to your taste and achieve the perfect surface structure. Don’t worry, the texture level is not a must, we also offer the option of smoothing the surface. We also offer individual wrapping for your vehicle here at the site in cooperation with Folien-Vision. This allows you to customize your vehicle not only in terms of paintwork, but also with unique wrapping.

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Ergonomics meets style

If you do not like the standard seats of the respective vehicle in terms of comfort and safety, you can replace them with our own 4wheel24 seats. We have our seats produced directly for us by a renowned manufacturer in various versions with a range of comfortable adjustment options in fabric and leather/Alcantara mix.

Hud diesel filter

Clean diesel, smooth journeys

Experience the future of the diesel filter with the HUD 300 and HUD 600. Thanks to innovative technology, these filters not only offer effective particle separation and water separation, but also protection against microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. The fully synthetic Premium Mesh filter element with 5 layers ensures maximum filtration performance, while the two-stage water separation separates even the finest droplets from the diesel. With an integrated fuel preheater and electric feed pump, you are equipped for any challenge.

Discover the ultimate solution for clean and safe diesel operation in the HUD Shop.

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