Interior fittings

Flexible interior design: living without limits

Our aim is to make your cabin a place where you feel at home. Instead of binding you to predetermined floor plans and materials, we give you the freedom to make your own decisions – you are completely free! You determine the floor plan and choose the colors and materials to suit your taste. We do everything we can to turn your ideas into reality as far as possible. During a personal interior consultation, we will present our first-class interior design projects to you and help you to realize your individual living concept with the help of our wide range of samples!


Transparent elegance

We install real glass windows from various manufacturers. There are several configuration options so that you have the perfect view for all destinations. In addition to the choice of blackout level and a low-e coating, the windows also have an integrated flyscreen and blackout roller blind combination, where even the mesh size of the mosquito screen can be selected.

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Furniture construction

From traditional to trendy

We build your furniture from very stable lightweight panels in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is entirely up to you and your taste whether you prefer a fine real wood veneer or a robust but deceptively real HPL surface. Kitchen worktops and tables are available from us in all variants – compact worktops, HPL-coated or real wood!
Our lacquered solid wood drawers with galvanization are not only a real
Eye-catcher, but above all very stable and load-bearing!
Can’t see the standard pushlocks any more? That’s no problem either. With our selection of high-quality pushlocks and other locking options in chrome, satin and black, we show you that necessary fastenings can not only be pragmatic, but also beautiful! As you can see, we are open to all ideas and wishes and will be happy to help you design your home on 4 wheels so that you feel 100% comfortable.

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Tasteful on the road

Would you like a home-like interior? No problem! We are open for
Household appliances from various manufacturers such as ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and anything else your heart desires. The choice of whether you prefer to cook with gas or induction is entirely up to you! We also have many options for refrigerators, where you are sure to find the right one for you: Icemaker,
Beverage drawer or double-hinged door… Everything is possible.

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Simple, but significant

In both the kitchen and the bathroom, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to taps and washbasins. We install a wide range of variants from various well-known manufacturers for household fittings. Here you are completely free to choose!

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Radiant diversity

“Cabins are always so dark and uncomfortable!” Nonsense! We create the perfect ambience with indirect LED lighting above the ceiling cupboards and, if required, in the plinth area. With lamps in the kitchen, seating area, bed and bathroom, you have sufficient lighting. There are additional reading spots in the seating area and in the bed area so that you can read a book in comfort.

Mattresses and upholstery

A cozy retreat for relaxing moments

The best way to start an adventure is well rested! With our exclusive mattresses with integrated slatted frame, you’ll sleep better than at home! You have a choice of different firmness levels, with two of them in one mattress – easily reversible!

Our upholstery is available in various cover fabrics and colors. The design can of course be adapted so that you can convert the seating area into a bed and use the comfortable cushions as a mattress.

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Energy-efficient heating

Our heating system in the cabins doesn’t just keep you cozy and warm,
but also has integrated water heating. Are you worried that the hot water capacity won’t be enough? No problem, of course we can increase them according to your wishes. Underfloor heating and / or an electric towel radiator in the bathroom are also available on request! For the hot days in the desert, a storage box air conditioning system is of course also possible, which can also heat as a redundancy


Fresh and clean: modern water installations

Both the fresh water and waste water tanks are made of PE with baffles. The water is treated with activated carbon filters as standard, but additional filter systems and other sanitizing devices are also possible at the point of use and directly at the tap. That way you don’t have to worry about where you get the water from.

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Energy efficient and smart

With us, you have a free choice: whether AGM or lithium, we install whatever you feel most comfortable with. We always make sure that the power concept matches your truck, the cabin and the installed end consumers. With enough solar panels on the roof, we ensure that you can travel as self-sufficiently as possible.

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