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Adventure through Tunisia

Expeditions into the untouched wilderness

Our focus is not only on the spirit of adventure, but also on the pursuit of sound knowledge and practical skills in handling expedition vehicles. Our boss Tobi is no stranger to the scene, having mastered numerous North Africa rallies with passion and experience. This rich experience gave rise to the idea of organizing joint trips for customers and friends.

What began as a vacation adventure has developed over the years into an indispensable part of our annual planning. The tours increasingly developed into workshops focusing on off-road riding. This development has been very well received and we have received more and more inquiries from owners of expedition vehicles.

In 2023, we took a bold step and opened up the workshop tours to owners of vehicles from other brands – with great success! We will continue to pursue this approach. We have adapted the concept for the future in order to prepare the participants for the adventures in the best possible way.

There will also be a service car equipped for cooking and service. The tour usually lasts about two weeks. We also offer the possibility to rent a car from us.

Participation in a preparatory workshop at our company is now mandatory.


Technology & preparation workshop 2024

When: 15.-16.06.2024 & 13. 14.07.2024
Where: 4Wheel24 site in Hasloch

Who: For off-road enthusiasts
Maximum 10 vehicles
Participation fee € 699,- per vehicle with 2 persons
incl. Pitch / overnight accommodation Food & drinks

Presentations / tool list / packing list and much more.

Dear 4Wheel24 Family and Friends,

After our successful tour to Tunisia in 2023 as part of the 4Wheel24 Family and Friends Tour, we have decided to offer two tours in 2024.

Yes, the next tour will also be open to brands, so that anyone with a suitable vehicle and the technical and preparation workshop can take part. This event not only teaches technical knowledge and the theory of driving in the desert, but also checks your vehicles and crew for their desert suitability.

Experience from 2023 has shown that we were able to impart a lot of knowledge at the preliminary meetings and the participants & crew had the opportunity to get to know each other.

The dates for the next technical and preparation workshops are 15 / 16.06.2024 & 13 / 14.07.2024 in Hasloch. You are welcome to arrive with your off-roader on Friday, the Camp Ground on the grounds of 4Wheel24 is open for you. The official start is on Saturday at 10.00 a.m. and ends on Sunday afternoon.

But that's not all!

We are also planning further workshops on topics such as technology and interior design. We are also delighted to welcome Anja and Thomas Schneider to the workshop team. They took part in our tours themselves and are now contributing their valuable experience to the design and implementation of the workshops.

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