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Older vehicles from government stocks or new vehicles?
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The decision for your perfect expedition vehicle is really something special and should be made with a lot of thought and heart. There are some robust older four-wheel drive trucks as well as modern new vehicles that are perfect for this. Each vehicle has its own charm and its own advantages, but in the end it should just click and appeal to you immediately. The models you see here on our website are our best-selling models. But this is just a small selection of what we have to offer. If you want to make sure that your desired vehicle is available, just send us a message!

Have you had your eye on a vehicle from another base vehicle provider? No problem! Just send us a few photos and we’ll see together whether it’s suitable as a base vehicle. We are always there for you and support you every step of the way on your expedition! Please note, however, that we only offer this advice as part of an assignment. It makes a lot of sense to make an appointment with us first before you buy the base vehicle. In this way, various conversions can be saved and an optimal solution for your needs can be found.

4wheel24 always has a large number of basic vehicles from different manufacturers in various configuration levels ready for you. Please note that we do not sell our own base vehicles without a conversion order.

Further criteria for selecting your base vehicle

The variety of tempting vehicle models can seem very overwhelming at first. But don’t be put off by the wealth of possibilities. Before you dive into your search, you should focus on a few key criteria that will help you find the perfect long-distance motorhome.

You are welcome to contact us at any time to find out what other requirements need to be considered for your dream vehicle!

New vehicles

New basis for new adventures

Our customers increasingly want to use a new vehicle as a base vehicle.

We have already successfully converted the following models into expedition vehicles:

Base vehicles up to 7.5t

Compact powerhouses: Basic vehicles up to 7.5 tons for flexible applications

The appeal of driving an expedition vehicle with no more than 7.5 tons is great. Depending on the date your driver’s license was first issued, a simple car driver’s license is sufficient.

First of all: The realization of a 7.5t expedition vehicle is possible, albeit with restrictions, e.g. with regard to the tank capacities of fuel and water, the interior fittings and rear carriers. The payload is also severely limited.

The following basic vehicles, for example, are suitable for the realization of an expedition vehicle in this weight class:

Base vehicles Over 7.5t

Heavy-duty commercial vehicles: the basis for versatility and performance

For comfortable travel without compromise, the weight limit of 7.5 t gross vehicle weight is exceeded.
The choice of base vehicles is large and a very individual decision.

In the large weight class, the following base vehicles, among others, can be considered:

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